Tranquility Salon & Spa is proud to feature the Eminence LED (Light Emitting Diode) Therapy, a non-invasive technology designed by acclaimed dermatologists that delivers low-level energy-producing packets of light to the skin to produce healing and anti-aging effects.

his state-of-the-art skin care technology:
  • diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots
  • helps tighten unsightly pores
  • promotes collagen regeneration making the skin to appear naturally smoother, tighter, and more radiant
  • is helpful in reducing the effects of sun-damaged skin and rosacea
  • has been FDA approved for the treatment of acne and there is no recovery or down time after the treatments
Results are gradual and vary according to skin condition and number of treatments. Most people experience softer, smoother skin after their 1st treatment.

A series of treatments (6-12 sessions) every 2-4 weeks is highly recommended in order to achieve optimal results. After the series is completed maintenance every 4-6 weeks is advised. A home skincare regimen prescribed by your esthetician is essential to complement and enhance the results of the microdermabrasion treatment.

LED also brings relief to clients with acne by aiding in the elimination of the P. acnes bacteria, and in the reduction of acne scarring.

A home skincare regimen prescribed by your esthetician is essential to complement and enhance the results of the LED treatment.

Schedule a preliminary consultation with one of our trained estheticians and discover which treatment is best suited for your skin care goals.  You will be amazed at the improvements you will notice after just a few sessions.

30 min LED Facial Treatment - $50.00
Features cleansing, exfoliation with one of our AHA treatments, serum with the LED, and a moisturizer with SPF.
60 minute LED facial - $90.00
Features cleansing, exfoliation with one of our AHA treatments, extractions, serum with the LED, mask, moisturizer with SPF, eye cream and lip balm as well as a relaxing neck, shoulder, arm, hand, and scalp massage.  See below for specific types of facials.
90 minute LED facial - $135.00
Includes all the above PLUS extra pampering and a soothing foot massage.
30 minute LED Facials are also available in a series of six for $270 and are good for one year.

Specific LED Facials:
Clearly garlic LED facial - 70 minutes for $80.  For clearing up acne prone skin, with more blue light used to eliminate bacteria in the skin that causes breakouts.  It also calms the skin and minimizes the future appearance of acne.  This treatment is recommended for once a month, and for more severe acne, a treatment should be done every two weeks.

Anti-aging phytoestorgen LED facial - 60 minutes for $90.  Ideal in fighting the signs of aging and making skin look younger.  This facial uses more red light to stimulate collagen production, reduces redness in the skin, and is more suitable for delicate skin as well.

Citrus-C LED Facial - 60 minutes for $90.  For helping and keeping normal skin looking fresh, vitalized and healthy. This facial uses different lights depending on what your skin needs are, and will aid in brightening the skin and in the minimization of hyperpigmentation over time.

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